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Your word for today is: Fach, n.

Fach, n.
Pronunciation: Brit. /fax/, /fak/,  U.S. /fɑk/, /fɑx/
Forms: also with lower-case initial.
Etymology: <  German Fach compartment, subject, field, trade (seefec n.).
  A line of work or business; an area of activity or expertise; (a person’s) métier.
1838 N. Amer. Rev. Apr. 491 How this author comes to be so much more full and copious than his brethren of the same Fach we shall see in the sequel.
1842  J. S. Mill Let. Nov. (1910) I. 121 The thing is not in my fach.
1887  W. James Let. 6 Feb. (1920) I. 263 Wundt..isn’t a genius, he is a professor—a being whose duty is to know everything, and have his own opinion about everything, connected with his Fach.
1923 Contemp. Rev. June 757 The Eldorado of story-tellers whose Fach is the portrayal of luxurious vice.
1963 Jrnl. Philos. 60 242 That refinement of theories which most Anglo–American philosophers nowadays consider their fach.
1999 BBC Music Mag. Apr. 43/2 While Edita Gruberová has upheld a healthy bel canto revival,..none of her excellent successors, in the Bellini and Donizetti Fach, have anything like her pulling power with the public.
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